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In today's world, with leaders often facing shifting and competing priorities, traditional leadership styles are no longer effective.  In order to adapt to the velocity of change, to do more with less and to effectively lead a multi-generational workforce, leaders must learn how to create work cultures that enable and empower employees to flourish and be actively engaged in their work.
Because these skills do not come naturally, training is required at all levels of leadership.  However, many leadership training programs fail to produce desired results because they emphasize only "one size fits all" content, without providing a deeper understanding of the principles and the wisdom in how to apply them in the leaders' settings.  Without tying knoweldge into specific action, leadership initiatves are lost.
Bruce's leadership training and development programs create transformational learning experiences by providing proven practices and approaches that help leaders at all levels understand the "big picture", introduce change, actively engage their workforce and meet the needs of all stakeholders.  With over 30 years' experience successfully leading diverse groups of people in many different settings, Bruce's empathetic teaching style, driven by storytelling and work experiences, helps leaders tie ideas into action.
Bruce's customized leadership learning experiences create lasting change for your organization and address the unique needs of your leaders and their teams.  He does this by equipping them with knowledge and tools they need to inspire positive action and excellence in others.  Bruce considers himself a leadership development and strategic planning partner with your organization.  His programs are designed to ensure collaborative action planning aligns with your organization's mission and strategic priorities.
Leadership Retreats
Organizations with multiple departments often have their teams working in silos, disconnected from other teams while working on different and often competing priorities.  Uniting your team at a leadership retreat provides the opportunity for everyone to step back, take a breath, and look at the bigger picture of the organization's mission and strategic priorities in order to develop a shared vision and plan for the future.
Training Workshops
Many training programs leaders attend on their own fail to provide wisdom of how to apply key learning concepts in their work environments. 
Engaging your team in an interactive training workshop allow leaders at every level to learn how to apply learning principles to their specific operational challenges and needs.
Keynote Speaking
If you are looking for a speaker who is passionate about leadership to educate, connect with, and inspire your audiences or teams, consider having Bruce speak at your next event. 
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