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Keynote Speaking
If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire & encourage your audience with engaging storytelling, humor, & easy-to-implement takeaways to transform Quit Quitters into Passionate Performers, 
consider having Bruce speak at your next event. 
Choose one of Bruce's signature presentations or he can customize one for your organization:
  • Leadership CPR: Recharging Connections, Purpose & Relationships
  • Strengthening Teams with The Five Behaviors® & Everything DiSC®
  • Creating a High Performance CommuniTEAM
Bruce Presentation.png

                "Changed my life...seriously."         

"What an inspiration!  Thank you so much for the incredible talk." 


  "Bruce is a great presenter.  Bring him back!"         


   "It was the best presentation I have ever seen."


          "Fabulous, Awesome, and Inspiring!"             


"Bruce's messages are engaging and inspirational." 


        "What a great speaker...wonderful job!"            


  "Great ideas and me."


 LeadingAge Illinois

"He touched my heart and my heart needed it."     


"Very moving, touched me deeply."   

 "Absolutely incredible!" 


"Very emotionally touching and inspirational." 

"He started us laughing and ending with us crying...I didn't want it to end."     

California Assisted Living Association

"This was the best session of the conference!"       

"Great examples and application action plans."


"What a great speaker...wonderful job!"             


"Excellent presentation.  Well organized and inspiring!"


"What a great presentation!  So many creative and pointed examples to take away and apply."         


LeadingAge Florida

    "Fabulous speaker - very motivational!" 


"Great insight on how to better connect with & lead employees." 

"This was a great session. Very inspirational!"   

"Very good speaker-great experience & good ideas to take away."

             "Incredible presentation!"           

"I would love to have Bruce do a presentation for our leadership team." 

LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire

"This was BY FAR one of the best presentations I have ever been to.  Thank you VERY much!"

The Garlands of Barrington

"This has been absolutely excellent! Thank you so much, Bruce. This enhanced MY well-being." 

Pioneer Network

"Thank you for your program. You did something beautiful and memorable, and you should know how generous a gift you shared with us. Again I thank you."

Lake Forest Place 


"Very inspirational and well done. Great ideas." 

LeadingAge New York


"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and look forward to working on my shepherding skills." 

Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association

"Just a note to tell you how impressed I was with your speech at Willow Creed.  Your talk was highly motivating, clear, concise, articulate, entertaining and though providing.  Your personal stories were heart warming." 

Willow Creek Community Church

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