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Leadership Coaching
With many young leaders entering the workforce and seasoned leaders adapting to a changing environment, leadership coaching can provide valuable insights to help them stay current on best practices and approaches and to keep their teams focused on shared goals and priorities.  Bruce's coaching approach helps leaders to grow by leveraging their strengths, mitigating their weaknesses, and identifying and narrowing the gaps between their intentions and perceptions by others as well as between their expectations and performance.
Organization Consulting
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Bruce's 35 years' experience in successfully building high-performance teams delivering exceptional customer service and continually exceeding multi-million dollar budget expectations has equipped him to provide valuable insights and perspectives on building stronger teams, creating operational efficiencies, and enacting change to maximize customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operating margins.
Bruce's leadership coaching and organization consulting helps leaders:
  • Align plans & actions with organization mission & strategic priorities
  • Engage in active listening & work collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Strengthen problem-solving skills
  • Build a shared purpose, priorities & strategies with their team
  • Transform their Quiet Quitters into Passionate Performers
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