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What people are saying about Bruce's speaking & learning experiences

Keynote & Educational Speaking
"It was the best presentation I have ever seen.  Thank you very much!"
LeadingAge Illinois
"What a great presentation!  So many creative and pointed examples to take away and apply."
LeadingAge Florida
"This has been absolutely excellent!  Thank you so much, Bruce.  This enhanced MY well-being!"
Pioneer Network
​​"He started us laughing and ending with us crying...I didn't want it to end."
California Assisted Living Association
"Excellent presentation.  Well organized.  Inspiring.  Great attitude!"
LeadingAge Florida
"Very emotionally touching and inspirational."
California Assisted Living Association
"Very inspirational and well done.  Great ideas."
LeadingAge New York
"Thank you for sharing your important message!"
LeadingAge Oregon
"Bruce does a great job of giving practical helpful examples - excellent presentation - bring him back next year for another!  I always learn from him and pick up good ideas."
LeadingAge Illinois
"This was a great session.  Very inspirational!"
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"Best class I've ever taken in the 15 years I've been attending the annual conference."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Very good speaker-great experience and good ideas to take away."
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"This was an A+ presentation, well-prepared, very well-delivered - Mr. Berlin is engaging and knows his subject.  Thank you."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Thank you for a very educational, thoughtful and engaging presentation!"
LeadingAge Arizona
​​​​​"Just a little note to tell you how impressed I was with your speech at Willow Creek.  Your talk was highly motivating, clear, concise, articulate, entertaining and thought provoking.  Your personal stories were heart warming."
Willow Creek Community Church
"He touched my heart and my heart needed it."
California Assisted Living Association
"Changed my life...seriously."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Bruce was talking about all the day-to-day issues we all have and his approach to solutions is smart and easy to implement.  Great speaker."
LeadingAge Florida
"Dear Bruce, What an inspiration!  Thank you so much for the incredible talk."
LeadingAge Illinois
"I would love to have Bruce do a presentation for our leadership team."
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"Bruce's messages are engaging and inspirational."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Gave great examples and applicable action plans.  Thank you."
LeadingAge Flordia


"Fabulous, Awesome, and Inspiring!"

LeadingAge Illinois

"Fabulous speaker - very motivational!"
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"Excellent speaker, outstanding examples.  I would love to work for you.  Very inspiring."
LeadingAge Illinois
"What a great speaker...wonderful job!"
LeadingAge Florida
"Great ideas and me.  I would like to work for this man and company!"
LeadingAge Illinois
"Great insight on how to better connect with and lead employees."
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"Wonderful meeting and the teaching was excellent.  Bruce did a great job."
Willow Creek Community Church
"What a great speaker!"
California Assisted Living Association
"I have learned ideas that I can implement in my community.  Great speaker."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Bruce is a great presenter.  Bring him back!"
LeadingAge Illinois
"Very moving, touched me deeply."
California Assisted Living Association
"Showed enthusiasm - would love to work for someone like him."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Excellent!  Very well presented and inspiring! Would strive to be the kind of leader he is."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Incredible presentation.  Said things we know, but in a very inspirational way!"
LeadingAge Maine/New Hampshire
"Great job!  You made the last sessions of the conference the best and most rewarding."
LeadingAge Illinois
"Absolutely incredible."
California Assisted Living Association
"Lots of concrete examples help to drive the points home.  Thank you for an outstanding presentation!"
LeadingAge Illinois
"That was the best session of the conference!"
LeadingAge Florida
"Very inspiring, excellent content knowledge.  Relatable."
LeadingAge Illinois
Retreats & Training Workshops
"Bruce's leadership retreats are fantastic!  He does a great job of building in learning, strategic planning, relationship building and fun.  We always come away from his retreats with renewed enthusiasm, energy and clear direction."
Marilyn Hoffman
Vice President, Solutions Advisors
​"Bruce does an amazing job planning and executing leadership training programs and retreats.  He keeps his audience engaged and provides very useful information that can be immediately put into practice.  His attention to detail and real life examples make for a great experience for the entire team."
Scott Cairns
Regional Vice President, Westminster Communities of Florida
"Bruce's understanding of employee engagement and the importance of employee morale to delivering outstanding customer service is impressive.  His leadership retreats always result in great learning, camaraderie and new resolve in working together.  Bruce has the ability to bring fun, learning and dedication to any team."
Sheryl Messenger
Director of Human Resources, Life Care Services
"Bruce's teaching technique is exciting and engaging as he presents outstanding messages on team empowerment, which result in positive employee morale and improved customer satisfaction."
Denise Dale
Healthcare Administrator, Presbyterian Homes
"Bruce inspires teams to think bigger, bolder and from a perspective that promotes growth and trust.  His leadership retreats equip our team to think collaboratively and with confidence and commitment to each other.  Bruce helped us to lay the foundation that has made us a stronger team because of his expertise and direction."
Erelyn Hicks
Executive Director, Acts Retirement-Life Communities
"Bruce does a great job engaging staff in how to apply his leadership training into action in their department and with involving the leadership team in the development of strategic priorities and operational plans that are in line with our company's overall strategic plan."
Tim Meier
Director of Engineering, Vi Senior Living
​"If you are looking for direction in leadership training and employee culture development, Bruce Berlin has the experience and the heart to show you how to create a successful organization full of dedicated employees."
Jill Lund Steco
Lifestyle Director, Friendship Senior Options
"Bruce's commitment to developing a winning culture and caring for an organization from the inside out leads to service line providers who are invested in the organization and genuinely committed to doing the right thing for their customers."
Liana Allison
Principal, Allison Consulting
"Bruce is extremely detail oriented and skilled at developing relationships with employees and customers.  His leadership and community engagement philosophies are terrific."
Joe Parado
Director of Internet Technology, Barrington Venture Holding Company
"In over 40 years of working with quality organizations, I have not encountered anyone who has surpassed Bruce's culmination of effective leadership, mentoring, or skills and talents to engage a team in a training seminar or retreat.  His training programs are encouraging, easy to follow, promote teamwork and always result in confidence-building positive outcomes."
Jeff Tyler
Director of Culinary and Nutritional Services, Acts Retirement-Life Communities
"Bruce, I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the best training class I've ever experienced.  You truly have the gift to inspire and motivate people!  I left your class and felt like I could change the world.  Your stories and examples often brought me (and I noticed many others) to tears.  Thank you again for a wonderful morning."

Stephanie, BMO Bank

"Your leadership segment was certainly one of the highlights of the day, judging by the reactions and attentiveness of the participants.  From the enthusiasm and fun you generated with your opening "bingo" exercise, to the compelling observations and leadership values you shared throughout your remarks, your message will definitely be one that attendees will keep with them, and apply in their day-to-day lives."
Harry, The Barrington Area Leadership Academy
"This was BY FAR one of the best seminars I have ever been to.  Thank you VERY much!"
Joan, The Garlands of Barrington
"Thank you again for your program last week.  You did something beautiful and memorable, and you should know how generous a gift you shared with us.  Again I thank you."
Nancy, Lake Forest Place
"Your training session was one of the very best I have ever attended over the years and quite meaningful.  Your tender loving care in getting the message out and sharing some of your personal life, thoughts and feelings certainly added to the wonderful workings of the FISH PHILOSOPHY."
Sue, Barrington Venture
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