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Leadership Retreats
Organizations with multiple departments often have their teams working in silos, disconnected from other teams while focusing on their primary objectives.  This results in people working towards competing priorities which ultimately has a negative impact on productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. 
Uniting your team at a leadership retreat provides the opportunity for everyone to step back, take a breath, and look at the bigger picture of the organization's mission and strategic priorities in order to develop a shared vision and plan for the future.

Bruce plans and facilitates half-day to multi-day Leadership Retreats that provide your team with a welcoming, refreshing, & inspiring environment in which to learn, innovate & collaborate
These purposeful retreats are designed for your team to:
  • Refresh & re-energize themselves
  • Strengthen relationships with each other
  • Review operational challenges & opportunities
  • Engage in leadership skill & team-building activities
  • Break down departmental silos by collaboratively developing short & long-term goals & action plans
  • Unify around a shared vision & priorities
  • Have fun
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Bruce can customize the learning objectives & agenda, or you may select one or a combination of the following proven programs:
  • Leadership CPR: Recharging Connections, Purpose & Relationships
  • Strengthening Teams with The Five Behaviors® & Everything DiSC®
  • Creating a High Performance CommuniTEAM
"I really liked the flow of the meeting and the brain storming groups.  I loved how in the end we were all coming up with the same conclusions.  Bruce led us so skillfully in a way that was not forced or rushed."
"I absolutely loved how we learned as a group how to prioritize a goal and work towards it.  We have not ever done this as a team.  It will make Lakeview Village the best place to live, work and grow."
"I thought it was great all around, but mostly the ability to have the group come together in an open forum/setting with the understanding to be open.  I like how Bruce had direct senior living experience so I felt he could really relate to our group."
"I thought Bruce did an outstanding job of pulling the information and concerns out from those that may not have had the confidence to speak up in the first place."

Lakeview Village 

"Bruce inspires teams to think bigger, bolder and from a perspective that promotes growth and trust.  His leadership retreats equip our team to think collaboratively and with confidence and commitment to each other.  Bruce helped us to lay the foundation that has made us a stronger team because of his expertise and direction."
Erelyn Hicks
Executive Director, Acts Retirement-Life Communities
"Bruce's leadership retreats are fantastic!  He does a great job of building in learning, strategic planning, relationship building and fun.  We always come away from his retreats with renewed enthusiasm, energy and clear direction."
Marilyn Hoffman
Vice President, Solutions Advisors
"Bruce does an amazing job planning and executing leadership training programs and retreats.  He keeps his audience engaged and provides very useful information that can be immediately put into practice.  His attention to detail and real life examples make for a great experience for the entire team."
Scott Cairns
Regional Vice President, Westminster Communities of Florida
"Bruce's understanding of employee engagement and the importance of employee morale to delivering outstanding customer service is impressive.  His leadership retreats always result in great learning, camaraderie and new resolve in working together.  Bruce has the ability to bring fun, learning and dedication to any team."
Sheryl Messenger
Director of Human Resources, Life Care Services
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